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Nnimmo Bassey

Exec Director of Environmental Rights Action, Director of Health of Mother Earth Foundation

“I fully believe in this cause. Making ecocide a recognised law will place a cap on the irresponsible actions of fat cats who hide behind corporate shields to destroy lives and harm the planet.”


Jonathon Porritt

Founder director of Forum for the Future

“The idea of establishing the crime of Ecocide is both timely and compelling... I am now a fully signed-up Earth Protector!  I agree with the analysis that ‘only criminal law can stop the harm’, as it’s clear that existing legal sanctions are totally failing to do what we so urgently need them to do.”


George Monbiot

Journalist and author

“I believe [a crime of ecocide] would change everything. It would radically shift the balance of power, forcing anyone contemplating large-scale vandalism to ask themselves: ‘Will I end up in the international criminal court for this?’ It could make the difference between a habitable and an uninhabitable planet.”


Maddy Harland

Editor of Permaculture Magazine, co-founder of  The UK Sustainability Centre

“Polly Higgins’ work to make Ecocide an international crime holds the key for humanity to change direction and invest in a more stable, equitable future that will benefit us all. Business as usual is no longer a viable option for us or the planet. It is now critical that we adopt Ecocide as an international law.”


Richard Falk

Former UN Special Rapporteur, Professor Emeritus of International Law, Princeton University

"Fracking ...represents an extremely dangerous ecocidal assault on the environment, and must be opposed and prohibited.”


Dos Winkel

Director, Sea First Foundation

"We call our planet Earth, but in fact we should call it "Planet Ocean". Over 70% of the surface itself consists of ocean/sea... it is literally vital that we have a healthy ocean... the Sea First Foundation supports the Mission Lifeforce initiative wholeheartedly. Ecocide law will protect the ocean from the damage and destruction caused by humans."

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Jan van de Venis

Human Rights Lawyer

"As a lawyer and father, I plea for laws that effectively protect our planet, our children and our future generations. Recognising the human right to a healthy environment and ecocide law at the global level, will definitely help. We only have one planet and time is running out. Ecocide will mend our criminal law system. Join us, get on board: become an Earth Protector."

Jeremy Lent

Author & Cognitive Historian

"The International Criminal Court ... has had the effect of putting tyrants everywhere on notice that they can no longer act with impunity. If ecocide were declared a crime by the ICC, this could have a similarly daunting effect on those corporate tyrants who currently know they can get away with devastating the world’s “sacrifice zones” where they are pillaging the earth’s resources for profit."

Oliver Tickell

Journalist, author & campaigner

"It's impossible to overstate the importance of the campaign for an international law to criminalise ecocide, putting the mass destruction of nature, on the same legal rulebook as genocide and slavery. Importantly, perpetrators would face personal liability and prosecution in the International Criminal Court. I urge everyone to join this campaign by becoming 'Earth Protectors' because of the transformative effect this law would have on environmental protection worldwide."


Supporting Organisations


Legally you must be an individual to sign the Earth Protectors Trust Fund document.  However, we would love for you to

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Cloverleaf Foundation, Netherlands 



Bertha Foundation, United Kingdom

Triodos Foundation, Netherlands

LUSH, United Kingdom


Iona Foundation, Netherlands


Comite de Apoyo al Tíbet (CAT), Spain




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