The Earth Protectors Trust Fund document can be of direct use to Earth Protectors who are activists in frontline communities.  If you are a Trustee you can present the document in court as part of your defence.  This will enable the court to discuss not just whether or not you committed a particular offence (for example, trespass or obstruction) but why you chose to take direct action leading to arrest.  It creates the opportunity to provide evidence of ecocide and thus to highlight that ecocide is a missing crime.  It may even lead to acquittal if your judge has a conscience.

It is a powerful thing to be able to make a defence of conscience, and the greater the number of Earth Protectors across the world, the more powerful that statement will be, and the more obvious it will become that ecocide must be made a crime in law.

You may not be a frontline activist yourself, but by becoming a Trustee - an Earth Protector - you will be supporting all those who are.  The greater the number of Earth Protectors across the world, the greater the weight accorded to the Earth Protectors Trust Fund document in a court of law.  And for activists using the document in court, the knowledge that thousands of other Earth Protectors are standing with them shall be invaluable.

For the details of how to present a conscientious protector defence and use the Trust Fund document in a court of law go to the Activist Toolkit