Sinking Civilisations - living with climate ecocide in Paradise

On-the-ground documentary raising awareness of climate ecocide in the Pacific and the international campaign to make ecocide a crime.

Young film-maker Isaac Confino and team are creating a timely and very necessary documentary examining the lived reality of the climate-change-threatened paradise of Vanuatu in the Pacific.  

Click on the image to support their crowdfunder which has got off to a great start... 

The documentary also explicitly supports the work of Polly Higgins and her UK non-profit Ecological Defence Integrity to address ecocide on a global scale.  Her campaign, Mission LifeForce, is raising funds to support Pacific island states who have both the incentive and the power to take forward ecocide as a crime at the International Criminal Court.  Although still in its infancy, it is gaining traction and beginning to garner high profile support.

We warmly encourage you to support this important documentary, and if you have not yet done so, to sign up to Mission LifeForce to support a law that can truly protect the earth.  It's simple, it's powerful, it's possible... and together we can make it happen.


Join Jonathon today - sign up to Mission LifeForce to help make ecocide an international crime.


Leading environmentalist and author Jonathon Porritt signs up to Mission LIfeForce

We are delighted to have this internationally renowned sustainability expert and green thinker on board.  He has previously expressed support for Polly Higgins' work on ecocide law.  In his own words: "Once upon a time people did grievous harm to the environment without fully understanding the consequences of their actions. That defence is no longer available, and that sure knowledge we now have entails equally sure moral obligations. In this context, the idea of establishing the crime of Ecocide is both timely and compelling."

Porritt, who spent many years as director of Friends of the Earth and later as chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission, founded Forum for the Future in the 1990s - a non-profit organisation which has spent the last 20 years working with business and government around the world to create a sustainable future. 

Having examined the Mission LifeForce campaign with his customary thoroughness, Porritt recently contacted us to say that he is "now a fully signed up Earth Protector!"  In particular, regarding the legal route we're proposing - which is to say amending the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court to include the crime of ecocide - he commented: "that process does sound potentially transformative. I also agree with the analysis that ‘only criminal law can stop the harm’, as it’s clear that existing legal sanctions are totally failing to do what we so urgently need them to do. Particularly in terms of ‘protecting the protectors’.  So I’m very happy to be one of those ‘conscientious protectors'."

Welcome aboard, Jonathon!

Join Jonathon today - sign up to Mission LifeForce to help make ecocide an international crime.


Mission LifeForce to launch in Spain

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Mission LifeForce is soon to be launched in Spain, with a stand at the big eco-fair BIOCULTURA in Barcelona from 3-6 May.  An official Spanish version of the website is being prepared and a small dedicated team will be staffing the stand.


Come and see us!

You'll find us at the carpa Casa Sana, stand 28.  Talks in Spanish: Saturday 14:15 (Sala 1) and Sunday 13:30 (Sala 6). Or better still, come and help out on the stand!  Either way we'd love to meet you.

if you are based in or near Barcelona and could help on any of the days (Thurs 3rd, Fri 4th, Sat 5th, Sun 6th May), please contact

Sharing our journey - from Tetbury, UK

Sign up as an Earth Protector HERE.  Support the Mission LifeForce team HERE.


Last week in our pop-up shop, we threw a party!

We wanted to share with others the great success of our campaign and to explore what we can do to enable core cost funding for our team. 


This is new territory for us - not only where we are, in the beautiful Cotswolds town of Tetbury, but also in terms of where we go next with what we are doing. We love the fact that people all over the world could be Earth Protectors to fund ecocide crime to be taken in to the United Nations (the world's first crowdfund for international law) - and many of you who are trustees agree with us. Thank you - we've realised a concept that's never been done before, and we've shown that it works.

If you are in the UK and can come to the Cotswolds, please do drop in and meet us while our pop-up exhibition is still showing... any time between 11am and 5pm daily from now until 31st of March.

Inside this beautiful space (gifted by Amy Perry and with windows fabulously illustrated by Emily Seffar) you will find the remarkable wire horse sculptures of Katy Dunne as well as the nature photography of Andy Squiff and Ruth Davey framing the panels that tell the story of Ecocide Law, Conscientious Protectors and Mission LifeForce. Our campaign generates funds for the smallest countries in the world so they can take ecocide crime forward at the International Criminal Court. 

However, those funds are ring-fenced. Our team does not receive monies from the Earth Protectors Trust Fund, and so now we are turning our attention to funding the team, our new premises, and scaling up our operations, back-end support and security to enable the global impact that is our true remit.  If you can help us make this leap, please let us know! 

Meanwhile, keep sharing the website... the more Earth Protectors we are, the stronger the support we will collectively provide to those small states when they are ready to speak out. 


Update from the United Nations

Our last few days here at the UN in New York have begun to place missing parts into the bigger picture.  Meetings during our fortnight at the Assembly of State Parties (ASP) to the International Criminal Court have shed light on critical aspects, including how to best address the severe under-representation of Small Island Developing States.

From the frontline - or your front room

We can all be Earth Protectors – we can all make the Earth our Mission.  

By BECOMING AN EARTH PROTECTOR (a trustee* of the Earth Protectors Trust Fund) you will:

  • be an Earth Protector in law, supporting all those across the world who stand up to protect the Earth
  • help fund a law to make ECOCIDE an INTERNATIONAL CRIME - protecting our planet, our communities, and all those who take action as conscientious protectors
  • if you are an activist, gain an additional legal defence in a court of law

There is no age limit on the Trust Fund, so you can sign your children up too!  The moment is now - Mission LifeForce is here