Activist        Someone who stands up to take direct action to protect their community and prevent ecocide. Currently many face legal action for doing this. 

Apostilled    Legally validated (by embassy or consulate of a given jurisdiction)

Assembly of State Parties (ASP) of the International Criminal Court   Annual meeting of signatory States to the Rome Statute.  Usually held in The Hague in first two weeks in December, sometimes in New York.

Conscientious Protector  Any person acting to protect their community and the Earth on grounds of conscience (just as, historically, pacifists used the term Conscientious Objector to refuse military draft).  This could mean simply having a conversation with friends or loved ones, or it could mean signing a petition, writing to an elected representative, becoming an Earth Protector in law, or indeed (see Activist above) physically disrupting the progress of dangerous industrial activity.

Earth Protectors (legal/in law)   Trustees of the Earth Protectors Trust Fund (EPTF) - see also Trustee/Trustee of the Earth below

Earth Protectors Trust Fund (EPTF)

  • A document legalised in 207 jurisdictions of the world, to which anyone may sign up and become a trustee ie an Earth Protector in law.  The document provides a valid legal status for those Earth Protectors wishing to use it as a defence in a criminal court.
  • A fund to support the practicalities of SIDS taking ecocide law forward. Trustees make a donation upon signing.

Ecocide     “loss or damage to, or destruction of ecosystem(s) of a given territory(ies), such that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants has been or will be severely diminished.”  See also Ecocide Law page and information portal Eradicating Ecocide.

Ecocide Law    An amendment to the Rome Statute adding the Crime of Ecocide to those crimes already governed by the Statute.

Frontline  The most influential position in a movement. For us at Mission Lifeforce, our legal frontline is the International Criminal Court, to present ecocide crime; for activists standing as Earth Protectors from a place of conscience, the activist frontline is at the coalface of where the harm is occurring.

International Criminal Court (ICC)   Court in The Hague where crimes under the Rome Statute may be prosecuted if a given State cannot or will not prosecute such crimes.

Mission LifeForce    A global campaign mobilising civil society to support SIDS taking ecocide law forward at the International Criminal Court: in practice, a growing movement of legal Earth Protectors built around the Earth Protectors Trust Fund document.          

Rome Statute     Document governing international criminal law.

Small Island Developing States (SIDS)   Small island nations (mostly in Pacific, some in Caribbean) which are highly vulnerable to climate change (eg rising sea levels) as well as corporate ecocide (eg for palm oil production)

Trustee/Trustee of the Earth     Any person signing up to the Earth Protectors Trust Fund and gifting €5 or more to the fund.  (Free if signing up from one of the SIDS). This Trusteeship is unusual in that it incurs no ongoing obligations or liabilities, whether administrative, financial or otherwise. There is a legal duty set out in Article 4 of the EPTF document: “Becoming a Trustee of the Earth is to become a protector of a law which is in alignment with a universally recognised moral code of respect, peace and a duty of care for all life. It is a direct expression of intent to create peace between all beings.”  There is no set way of fulfilling this duty - it is up to the Trustee.  See also FAQ page.



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