Financial Structure

Where your money goes and how to make additional or recurring donations.

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1. EARTH PROTECTORS TRUST FUND - the main campaign fund

The Earth Protectors Trust Fund (EPTF) is where your one-off donation goes when you sign up.  It is ring-fenced for practical costs of the Small Island Developing States progressing ecocide law at the International Criminal Court (ICC): travel, conferencing, legal research and assistance, ICC fees.

This is the funding pathway to making ecocide a crime.

Use the button below for single OR recurring monthly donations to EPTF.



Ecological Defence Integrity (EDI) is the UK non-profit that co-ordinates Mission LifeForce and administers the Earth Protectors Trust Fund. (It is not a charity because in the UK influencing law is not classed as charitable activity.)  It pays for outreach, technical support and cyber-security as well as premises and administration. 

This is the lifeforce behind the Mission - the foundation it rests on.

Our non-profit also runs the Ecological Justice Programme which provides training and assistance to enable those standing up against ecocide to represent themselves in court as Conscientious Protectors.

Use the button below for single OR recurring monthly donations to EDI.


View our first (extended) 6-month impact report HERE.


Our non-profit Ecological Defence Integrity can also accept donations in various cryptocurrencies as follows:

Moonlite (MNL) and KWH Coin (KWH) to this address:


These are our preferred currencies as they have greener credentials, but you can also donate Ethereum (ETH) to the same address.