The Earth Protectors Trust Fund has been legally validated across the globe.  Anyone can become a Trustee by gifting €5 or equivalent or more.  (If you are domiciled in the Small Island Developing States you can become a Trustee without gifting.)  The full document is viewable here. The full list of Trustees is visible here.

There are two key aspects to the document (more on each below): 

1. the funds it provides to take forward an international law of ecocide

2. the added legal support and protection that trusteeship gives to those standing up as conscientious protectors to defend their communities and ecosystems.  



are used exclusively for the Trust purpose, which is:

To support, through the emergence of a new form of trusteeship that transcends borders, whatever will for the best enable the rapid adoption of ecocide law as international law, including but not limited to:

  • funding Small Island Developing States and/or other climate vulnerable States who are resolved to activate the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction over the crime of ecocide as early as possible, by covering their costs, including: hotel expenses, top representation at the International Criminal Court and their flights; and/or

  • funding the subscription fees of such States to the International Criminal Court (plus joining fees for those who have yet to become members); and/or

  • funding any other lawful activity enabling the Trust Purpose.



Signing this document and becoming an Earth Protector in law (Trustee of the Earth) is easy and completely free of ongoing obligations or liabilities, yet very powerful. By signing up you will:

  • Fund a law establishing ECOCIDE as a crime at the International Criminal Court - putting an end to state-sanctioned industrial immunity and safeguarding our Earth for future generations

  • Empower small, climate-vulnerable States who have the incentive - and the ability - to amend international law in this way (but not the funds)

  • If you happen to be an activist, trusteeship will also give you an added defence in a court of law as a conscientious protector

"Becoming a trustee of this document is to become an Earth Protector and Trustee of the Earth. It is a declaration of love and acknowledgement that the Earth, the ecosystems of Earth and inhabitants of Earth whether human or otherwise have the right to peaceful enjoyment. It is a declaration of belief that this peaceful enjoyment is both a moral and legal right, and that any human act or omission which severely diminishes such peaceful enjoyment is a crime.

Becoming a Trustee of the Earth is to become a protector of a law which is in alignment with a universally recognised moral code of respect, peace and a duty of care for all life. It is a direct expression of intent to create peace between all beings."  

(Earth Protectors Trust Fund Article 4)



the legacy


A note about the verifiability of each signed Trust document

The Earth Protectors Trust Fund uses the secure blockchain system. Each electronically signed document is personalized with the trustee’s name, email, city and country of residence, which they can print out and physically present in a court of law. An exact copy of each document is retained electronically.

To secure the authenticity, an individuated identifier is generated of each document based on its content plus the exact time and date of registering. Cryptography algorithms are used to register the unique identifier of each document in the blockchain.

These blockchain identifiers are fully distributed, permissionless and transparent: anyone can access them from anywhere in the world. While the content is not stored in the blockchain, the proofs of the integrity, existence and ownership of such content can be independently verified by anyone, whether it be a sysadmin, a judge in court, a digital forensic or a lawyer. These proofs will remain stored in the blockchain forever.